Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February Parties

I thought I would leave this post a little later seeing as my January post had to be amended when everyone started promoting their parties, but finally... here are the nights that I think are worth going to this month, and things have certainly picked up.

Underground Quality @ subclub 4th February

It's not normally I would really care about a Numbers gig, their music really doesn't appeal to me and although they have a very talented DJ in Jackmaster, it's just a shame the tunes are... not for me.

But, they have got 2 of the best house DJs about, booked to play alllllll night long (3am finish) in the subclub for what will be a night of top class tunes from start to finish.

Tickets are a tenner + BF over at RA

Notable mention for Slabs, who have booked Lone to play La Cheetah on the 5th. Doubt my finances will stretch far enough to do both nights and sorry guys, but UQ wins every time for me.

The 6th should have been all about Wax Works, but thanks to the Old Firm this day is now all about getting your Ricardo Villalobos ticket. Good luck to everyone trying to get one, I would be surprised if there are any left at all on Monday.

Craig Richards @ subclub 11th February

Craig really is a class act, probably the best resident DJ in Britain and I honestly can't recommend him enough, but he is here pretty much once a year so I wouldn't lose sleep if you can't make it.

My only gripe is that it's not Craig playing all night!

So instead, if I have the cash, I will be here..

Stay Plastic @ La Cheetah 11th February

Stay Plastic are kicking off 2011 with Detroit's Patrice Scott, who will be playing Glasgow for the 1st time in his career, expect high quality house music all night. on vinyl.

And if you can keep going, there will be an all day session at The Halt Bar on the 12th, featuring some of the residents from various nights in Glasgow (more info over at RA)

And finally the last party worth your time in February has to be Ramadanman @ No Sleep on the 26th

A lot of hype surrounding Ramadanman right now, and I am really looking forward to seeing if he lives up to it. I was a bit disappointed to see so many DJs listed, which leads me to believe he is unlikely to play any longer than 2 hours, it's not the city of the long set...

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