Friday, 10 August 2012


Mike Parker CLR podcast 123
.snd - FACT mix
Cassegrain - Smoke Machine podcast
Nick Craddock - Coming Home to Roost
Delta Funktionen - Inertia mix cd

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Posted Missing

It's been months since I last posted and it's been months since we last played; part of that was due to the fact that I felt like throwing in the towel and part of it was down to me having nothing to say.. or nothing that I could put into writing anyway.

But here we are.

It's two months since we had Eric Cloutier & John Osborn in Glasgow and it's been two months without a night in Glasgow breaking the mould.  In a 'techno' city, how many nights in the last 8 weeks have booked a techno artist?  infact, in the last 8 weeks, how many nights have booked someone that is fucking interesting?

Fucking zero.

We tried.  We got fucked about twice and we made mistakes. BUT, if you were at Sigha then you were at the best techno night in Glasgow this year.  Hopefully the video will be online again soon for anyone who disagrees.

Why wasn't the June party just as good? Well, we were up against Rockness & Jeff Mills at the sub.. but we still got in 150+ through the door and there wasn't a bad tune all night.  Which, normally, we would have been cool with.... but. and it's a big BUT.    Chambre69 had previously agreed to pay the DJ fees for both artists. However, 3 days before the gig they pulled out of this; we were told if we can't pay them, then we need to cancel.  This, understandably, left us a bit... fucked.  So the night went ahead and we did our best to make it work - we hope everyone had a good time and we appreciate everyone who made an effort to come down - we then had to cancel our bookings with Move D, Kassem Mosse & Donato Dozzy, leaving us absolutely gutted and looking like a bunch of fucking twats (tbf, we were for being so naive).  This is on top of our night with Kassem Mosse & Kowton being cancelled because Numbers wanted to put on a party; which we did without any fuss.

But fuck it right? Shit happens and it's part of the curve; we want to try and bring forward thinking and exciting techno artists to Glasgow (a city that enjoys a crowd of clubbers more intersted in taking drugs, looking cool and downloading the latest Richie Hawtin hair doo). So we will try?

Black Country Music Club.