Sunday, 27 February 2011

What's All The (Boys) Noise?

Been reading quite a few interviews lately, but one of the ones that I found the most thought provoking was the Boys Noize interview at RA. It's not a particularly long or in-depth interview but it had it's moments, one thing that stood out for me was when Boys Noize mentioned that he would like to make a record (probably under a different name) for Ostgut Ton in the future. wtf.

Now I'm not a diehard Ostgut fan, I think a lot of the records they release are weak and the mix cds are decent (I've heard better podcasts)... but, no one does it like them, they are vinyl, the artists are vinyl, they are all top class DJs, and although they have a lot of hype surrounding them, they still manage to stay credible. They are techno.

You only need to read the Ben Klock LWE interview to understand where I'm coming from, these guys are massive but they won't sell out.

So I find it strange to hear Boys Noize talk as if a release on Ostgut would be possible. He comes across as extremely knowldgeable about music, and he is a very talented and successful individual, but he is the exact opposite of what Ostgut represent. His music is fad music, the artists on his label are not techno artists, his fans are not fans of Ostgut and I expect that at many points in his long career he would have had the opportunity to change direction or to do things differently, so why now? why have a sudden interest in releasing techno? Is it possibly due to the fact that techno is more popular than it's been in a long time?

Boys Noize has more than enough talent and skill as a producer to make some great techno, but that is not the point.. He ditched house because he wasn't getting anywhere, so is he just going to continue latching on to the most popular music in order to stay relevant?

I wonder how the Boys Noize fans feel, he is a mega star off the back of their support, and now he wants to go in a completely different direction.

We need less producers who make 'on-trend' techno and more who make their 'own' techno.
Less like Boys Noize, and more like Alva Noto.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday Night Set Up

Here's a new mix from one of my favourite DJs, Mike Parker. If you have been reading the blog then you will know about Mike so I won't go into detail here - The mix was recorded on the 14/1/2011, and as you would expect features some proper, raw, menacing techno. Turn the lights off and the volume up.

Download it here

Mike has a couple new records coming out in 2011 - Geophone 16 & a release for Semantica, he also has a remix on the upcoming Zooloft 12".

What We're Feelin'

After a pretty quiet start to the year things seem to have picked up, there's been a lot of great music released, some fantastic mixes and podcasts, and also some worthwhile features & interviews, here's what I recommend checking out.

RA 245 - Traversable Wormhole

I haven't been blown away by any of the RA podcasts so far this year, but Adam's is the only one that has done it for me. It's a solid mix of current techno, it's definitely worth an extended stay on your ipod. I was a bit disappointed with the tracklist as there's not really anything new here, but that doesn't stop it from being a really good mix.

There is also a great interview over at LWE with Adam X.

Adam has a lot to say, and his story is extremely interesting, I admire the way that he stuck to his guns and didn't compromise his sound to try and be popular.. Which can't be said for a lot of artists.

Seeing as we are on the subject of LWE here is another interview I recommend you checking out, it's with Ben Klock. It's probably the best interview I have read with anyone associated with Ostgut or Berghain, and it's reassuring to read that they are aware of the hype, but they will carry on doing their thing the way they always have. It's also no surprise to see that he is sick of receiving promos from producers saying 'This is Berghain techno', I think this sums up a lot of producers right now.. Especially those who have hopped on the bandwagon, and started making harder techno.

There's a really nice feature with fellow Glaswegian The Village Orchestra over at RA. It's a nice insight into an artist that I don't know enough about, but it's also good to see people from Glasgow get some recognition.

Another mix I seriously recommend checking out is Anatomy 7, this was recorded by Patrick Walker (one half of FSG), and has a nice interview from him too. The Anatomy series features a lot of interesting mixes, with one from Smear as well (other half of FSG). So if you're into this one, then I suggest checking out the rest.

Some records I recommend are... the Desolate album, which got a great review over at RA and is probably my favourite LP in 2011 so far. Shed - Well Done has been repressed recently, and is a great record to have in your bag. Raw grooves from one of techno's most important producers. Incidentally, this was the first Shed record I ever bought.

Another essential re-press is Tulkinta, this features some of my favourite tracks from Mika Vainio and it's incredible to think that this music was being made in 1993. Inspirational stuff from possibly the best techno artist there is.

Ø - röntgen

Last but not least is the new FXHE release, and in true Omar S fashion it's £10 for a one sided 12". Just as well it's a belter then.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

wxwxmxik tracklist

I decided in December that I was no longer going to release tracklists with my mixes, this was mainly down to the fact that people judge a mix before they have even heard it, but also because my tracks are all that I have as a DJ, and it's hard to share records you have spent ages searching for.

but, I think it would be wrong to encourage people to buy music and to buy vinyl, whilst keeping the tracks/artists/labels that I am playing and supporting private, so I will try to provide tracklists for all of the mixes that feature here.

1. Oskar Offermann & Moomin - Hardmood [Aim]
2. Kink - Rachel [Ovum]
3. Tyrez - Functional Love [Dolly]
4. Omar S - Flying Blind [FXHE]
5. Falko Brocksieper - Frantic Formula [Triebstoff]
6. Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - United Elements [Lan Muzic]
7. Delta Funktionen - Eruption [Ann Aimee]
8. Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Unvulnerable Prototype [Zooloft]
9. Sendai - Below K-Pun One [Time 2 Express]
10. Brando Lupi - Attitude [Dozzy Records]
11. Reality Or Nothing - Untitled (Silent Servant Remix) [RSB]
12. Brian Sanhaji - Cortosis (Chris Liebing Remix) [CLR]
13. Mike Parker - Compressor Blades [Aquaplano LTD]
14. Nuel - Untitled [Aquaplano LTD]

Listen again

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The February Selection

I think one of the most important things when looking for music is that it must have a timeless appeal to it, I really want the records I buy to still sound fresh and interesting in 5 or 10 years time, but it's a difficult task. Every week there are so many new releases that it can be hard to keep up, it can seem so much easier to turn to your favourite artist's chart or to buy your releases from dependable labels such as Ostgut, Blueprint or Stroboscopic.

Now these EPs are important, as they are recognisable and they work, but I think that all too often you hear DJs play for an hour and hammer it out for the duration. This doesn't do much for me and I don't think it says much about the DJ in question, I personally don't think it takes much effort or skill to put together a mix of the latest big tunes.

So I thought I would give you a few records that I think are a bit different and stand out from all the dross.

Workshop 12 - Kassem Mosse

Slow, killer house grooves from the bosse! Every record from Kassem is one worth owning and after a fantastic 2010 I wasn't sure if 2011 would be as prolific, but so far he has maintained his momentum and I am really looking forward to hearing what he does next.

I have also heard some rumours of a possible Glasgow gig later in the year, I really hope that this one materialises.

The End Of All Existence

I must admit, I am extremely surprised at how underground Milton Bradley seems to be. I think he is one of the most interesting producers in techno right now and this EP serves to back up that claim, but still there appears to be very little interest in him over here.

*If anyone wants to get involved and book Milton Bradley then drop me an email.

As for the record, this is music for the end of the world - not really much else to say.

Skirt - In The Meadow Under The Stars

I was pretty surprised when this was released as it was the first time that HG announced the name of the artist, a strange decision but one I am glad they made.

This is the only record I have heard form Bethany Skirt but I am seriously impressed, menacing industrial techno straight out of Birmingham, what more do you want?

Mike Parker - Subterranean Liquid EP

Mike is on a roll right now, Vesuvio Tremors, Acromion & now his debut EP on Prologue.

I hope that this leads to more European dates for Mike as he is such a fantastic DJ, with so many mental records.

The record itself is top class, and features a massive remix from Donato Dozzy. This record is way ahead of 90% of the techno out atm, it's also head and shoulders above the last few releases from Prologue whom, although are very reliable seem to have been going through the motions of late. I hope this is signals a return to form.

If you enjoy the music then please buy the vinyl, these are all still for sale so no excuses.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February Parties

I thought I would leave this post a little later seeing as my January post had to be amended when everyone started promoting their parties, but finally... here are the nights that I think are worth going to this month, and things have certainly picked up.

Underground Quality @ subclub 4th February

It's not normally I would really care about a Numbers gig, their music really doesn't appeal to me and although they have a very talented DJ in Jackmaster, it's just a shame the tunes are... not for me.

But, they have got 2 of the best house DJs about, booked to play alllllll night long (3am finish) in the subclub for what will be a night of top class tunes from start to finish.

Tickets are a tenner + BF over at RA

Notable mention for Slabs, who have booked Lone to play La Cheetah on the 5th. Doubt my finances will stretch far enough to do both nights and sorry guys, but UQ wins every time for me.

The 6th should have been all about Wax Works, but thanks to the Old Firm this day is now all about getting your Ricardo Villalobos ticket. Good luck to everyone trying to get one, I would be surprised if there are any left at all on Monday.

Craig Richards @ subclub 11th February

Craig really is a class act, probably the best resident DJ in Britain and I honestly can't recommend him enough, but he is here pretty much once a year so I wouldn't lose sleep if you can't make it.

My only gripe is that it's not Craig playing all night!

So instead, if I have the cash, I will be here..

Stay Plastic @ La Cheetah 11th February

Stay Plastic are kicking off 2011 with Detroit's Patrice Scott, who will be playing Glasgow for the 1st time in his career, expect high quality house music all night. on vinyl.

And if you can keep going, there will be an all day session at The Halt Bar on the 12th, featuring some of the residents from various nights in Glasgow (more info over at RA)

And finally the last party worth your time in February has to be Ramadanman @ No Sleep on the 26th

A lot of hype surrounding Ramadanman right now, and I am really looking forward to seeing if he lives up to it. I was a bit disappointed to see so many DJs listed, which leads me to believe he is unlikely to play any longer than 2 hours, it's not the city of the long set...