Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Regis Live @ Sub Club

This is a recording of Regis at the Sub Club in July 2011, massive thanks to Animal Farm for this one.


Part 1
Part 2

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Some Thoughts On 'Clubbing In.. Glasgow'

It's not often Glasgow gets featured on an international music site, but when it does, it's usually the Sub Club, Numbers, Pressure or Soma that's making the news.. It's interesting then, that the recent feature on Resident Advisor has nothing more of a passing reference to them, much to readers dismay, although, the same can be said for most of the nights in Glasgow, as almost all of them got a shoutout at the least, and a sentence at the most.. Except from the Artschool, a club that didn't really appeal to me, and although it had a diverse selection of nights and a varied crowd, it isn't deserving of the praise it's receiving here.

It wasn't changing the face of clubbing in Glasgow, it didn't put Glasgow on the map, and it wasn't on everyone's go to list. It did host many excellent parties, and a lot of the worlds most popular DJs have played here - but the importance placed on the Art School is misleading at best, for someone who isn't from Glasgow. It was an opportunity to put more deserving nights and clubs in the spotlight, that was squandered due to the writers personal taste.

Many people have complained about the lack of a mention for various nights, clubs or labels, but I genuinely think it's refreshing to read something on Glasgow that isn't dominated by Sub Club, Pressure or Soma (Numbers too now). There's no doubting their importance, and the fact that they have been going for so long is only testiment to their love and dedication to what they do, but there's more to Glasgow than them and that is this article's greatest failing. It made a statement by only briefly mentioning big nights like Pressure and leaving out the likes of subculture completely, but it didnt do nearly enough to justify that.

I doubt their was ever anything malicious about nights not being included, you could argue that too many nights have been mentioned, but I don't think that any night has a divine right to be included in a piece like this - so it's a bit of a shame that the comments section on RA is littered with people who are criticising for one reason or another, if you draw comparisons from another 'Clubbing In' feature then the difference is remarkable for a 'friendly & forward thinking scene'

I do however, find it interesting that the writer barely mentions anything techno related, which I think draws an interesting parallel with the lack of good techno nights that are on in Glasgow on a regularly basis.. Certainly in comparison to the overwhelming amount of nights that feature beatport house & minimal artists, or the weekly nights at subclub (that feature no dedicated techno night). There's Animal Farm at the subclub every so often and CODE now at La Cheetah on a bi-monthly basis.. it's not much, and it puts doubts into my mind about the artists that we would like to book.. Is there still a techno scene here?

I hope there is because Glasgow, for me, is techno.. and it's sad that the city has a feature on RA, with Techno nowhere to be seen.

Wax Works & Equalised @ The Old Hairdressers 10th Sept

This September sees the return of our all day party, and after months of searching for a suitable venue we're hoping that we have finally found one. (lets hope we can make it a bit more regular)
The space is located in the upstairs of The Old Hairdressers on Renfield Lane [opposite Stereo] and we will be setting up the 1210's and hoping to fill it with good folk who like good tunes.

It's kicking off at 12pm and will go on until 12am, so if you're looking for somewhere to keep going from the night before, get a few drinks before the Electric Frog or simply party all day with us.. then there's probably not going to be a better option.
Guests Steven Coyle & Russell Ventilla will be playing, as well as regulars Wax Works, Bobby Wilson & a Live Set from Truman Data - so expect the best house/techno/downtempo records we've got.

Set times will be something like

Wax Works 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Bobby Wilson 3.30pm - 6pm
Truman Data (LIVE) 6pm - 7pm
Russel Ventilla 7pm - 8.30pm
Steven Coyle 8.30pm - 10pm
Wax Works 10pm - 12pm

We'll have copies of the exclusive new Wax Works mix from Forward Strategy Group to hand out, and we'll also have some discounted tickets for their gig on the 7th October for sale.

See you there.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

CLR Mixes

Here's downloads for the CLR mixes from both of our next guests - Forward Strategy Group & Sigha. They play in Glasgow @ Wax Works on the 7th October(FSG) & 2nd December(Sigha).
The mix from FSG features all of their own stuff and showcases their sound perfectly, whilst Sigha's mix is a perfect blend of contemporary techno.

Miller & Boex - Relevance (Forward Strategy Group Alt Remix) [Labrynth]
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics C [Forward Strategy Group]
Forward Strategy Group - Signal Path (Early Version) [Perc Trax]
Forward Strategy Group - Anti-Concern [Unreleased]
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics A Acapella [Forward Strategy Group]
Patrick Walker - Phase Linear [Dynamic Reflection]
Smear - Inert [Dynamic Reflection]
Forward Strategy Group - Use Your Delusion [Unreleased]
Adrian Ross - Forward Strategy Group Loop 14 [Unreleased]
(i)sodyne - Answer To No One [Broken20]
Adrian Ross - Forward Strategy Group Loop 13 [Unreleased]
Smear - Means Of The Now [Unreleased]
Forward Strategy Group - Signal Path (Smear Mix) [Unreleased]
Forward Strategy Group - Rundes Leder Part II [Unreleased]
Forward Strategy Group - Token Ring [Perc Trax]
Forward Strategy Group - Tayo Olowu [Perc Trax]
Forward Strategy Group - Arcnet [Perc Trax]
Patrick Walker - Alchemy [Unreleased]
Smear - Transect Acapella [Forward Strategy Group]

Download here

Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These (Roly Vexd Remix) [Dynamic Tension]
Silent Servant - El Mar (Sverica Remix) [Symantica]
Skirt - Ikaros [Horizontal Ground]
Traversable Wormhole - Untitled [Traversable Wormhole - 06]
Marcel Fengler - Thwack (Mike Parker Remix) [Motevolver]
Mike Parker - Subterrainian Liquid [Prologue]
Lucy & Xhin - LX2 [CLR]
Sandwell District (Feed Foward Test Session Recorded Live In Berlin) [Sandwell District]
James Ruskin & Mark Broom - Hostage [Blueprint]
James Ruskin & Mark Broom - Pigeon [Beardman]
Pacific Blue - Industry Part 1 [Pacific Blue]
Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milky Way (Surgeon Remix) [CLR]
Samuli Kemppi - Heat Of 1000 Degrees [Perc Trax]
Mondo - Work Me Baby (Marcellus Version) [Deeply Rooted House]
Sigha - Untitled (A2) [Hotflush - HF029]
Shifted - Control [Motevolver]
Silent Servant - Untitled (A) [Sandwell District - SD17]
Ventress - Untitled (A2) [Avian - AVN002]

Download here