Monday, 16 January 2012

Wax Works @ Loop

This Friday (20th) we'll be making our first appearance at Loop and our first appearance at The Brunswick. It is only £4 on the door, but it's only on until 2 so get down early doors to make the most of it..

If you can't make it then there will be an online stream of the night, I'll update the blog with the details when I have them.

I'll post the set times with it too.

See you Friday then


Set times are

Neill Murphy 10-11
Jamie Knox 11-12
Wax Works 12-2

You can stream the whole thing here

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Juho Kusti - Tracklist

Here's the TL for mix 04:

1. Cio D´or - Wasserkraft - Prologue
2. Ventress - Untitled - Avian
3. Tacito - Lession (Giorgio Gigli Remix) - Micropunto Schallplatten
4. Mono Junk - Channel B - Styrax Leaves
5. Markus Suckut - Strength - SCKT
6. Session Restore - Warsaw Avenue (Markus Suckut Reconstruction) - Rauh
7. Unbalance - Legacy - Unbalance
8. Conrad Van Orton - Shattered - Key Records
9. Traversable Wormhole - Worldline - Traversable Wormhole
10. Jeff Mills - The Clairvoyant - Purpose Maker
11. Schatrax - Cartoon Motorway - Schatrax
12. Conceiled Project - Pattern 4 - SVEK
13. Rossella - Burning - Aimersse
14. Klockworks - Voyage One - Klockworks
15. Regis - Blood Witness - Blackest Ever Black
16. Roman Lindau - Sub Suggestion - Fachwerk
17. Aiken - Trust Ourselves - Semantica
18. Donato Dozzy - Eldera - Railyard Recordings
19. Powell - 09 (Karl O´Connor Remix) - Diagonal

Listen again here

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Juho Kusti - Wax Works Mix 04

Here is the very first Wax Works mix of 2012, this time the tunes are brought to you by Finnish DJ Juho Kusti. Juho featured on the blog before with his excellent 'Technofunk' mix and it was that mix which prompted me to ask him if he could contribute to our mix series, fortunately for you he was happy to oblige. The mix is 70 minutes of seamlessly mixed techno, all on vinyl - The tracklist will be posted up soon, so you'll have to listen without any preconceptions for now.


Juho's RA page

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stasis is death?

2012 has only just begun, but this weekend sees 2 of techno's biggest names playing the subclub. Function and Regis bring their Sandwell District live act to Glasgow again (fingers crossed Function makes it into the country this time) for the very first Animal Farm party of this year and what a party it will be.

There is absolutely no doubting the quality of the 2 artists, when Regis played here in July the recording of his set got mix of the day at Resident Advisor and it is still one of our most popular blog posts, their debut album sold out almost instantly a year ago and goes for silly money on Discogs, Regis' 3 x CD collection of his works sold out before any of us even saw it for sale and with news of an album in 2012 from Function - the hype surrounding them is huge, yet they manage to deliver every time and still maintain their credibility while doing so.

However, the big news surrounding them is that the label is no more - 'stasis is death' apparently. Personally, I think it was a matter of 'when' rather than 'if' they would end SD as a label, but the timing of it has surprised me - it was only in July last year when I put forward the idea of it finishing to Regis and he was quick to dismiss it, but perhaps phase3 didn't carry the same weight as phase 1 or 2. Certainly, towards the end of the year they were releasing music a lot more frequently and with a couple of their EPs being nothing other than standard techno, perhaps they were just another label going through the motions.

You can add to that the more abstract projects from Bob Ostertag & Yves De Mey, which will have certainly appealed to the purist of Sandwell fans, but would have definitely split opinion amongst the more casual techno fan. But, as always with Sandwell, details on their plans will be scarce and everyone will be left to form their own ideas and opinions on what will happen next - but instead of pondering what will happen to techno's most influential label & collective, why not celebrate? Considering it's only a fiver before 12 it would be pretty rude not to. A fiver to celebrate the brief yet distinguished reign of Sandwell District, the first Animal Farm party of 2012 and one of those rare occasions where you can hear techno in the Sub Club. Bargain.