Wednesday, 28 August 2013

DJ Skirt - Tumulto (Shifted Remix)

Another huge Shifted remix, this time he’s remixing DJ Skirt’s track Tumulto on Semantica.  Semantic is one of my favourite labels and one that any techno DJ/fan should accustom themselves with.  Known for releasing high quality contemporary techno from new and established artists.

It’s all about the sub bass and the rhythmic highs on this remix – I really love the atmosphere that this track creates.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Wax Works at CryptiQ (Prisoner of War camp)

This weekend signals the end of the summer months and for the very last party we’re travelling to Perth, to play at one of the most interesting venues in the country for one of the most original promoters, CryptiQ.

Located about an hour’s drive from Glasgow, Scotland’s own Prisoner of War camp will be hosting a selection of Glasgow’s house and techno DJs this Saturday.  The venue will be set up with 2 stages and a fully licensed bar with your ticket covering the bus to the venue and back again.

Tickets are £25.

You only need to check the photos of the venue to see that this is not one to be missed and it will certainly live long in the memory of everyone who’s there.  We play for 2 hours on Saturday night, so if you’re reading this, I hope to see you there for it.

Just in case you still need some convincing, here’s a video from our last gig at Chambre69 earlier this year.

Full line up

Hut 1

Junior (Sensu)
Ivan Kutz (Platform 18)
Missing Persons Club
Jonathan Carroll (No sleep)

Hut 2

Quail (Animal Farm)
Wax Works
Andy Barton (Headway)
Stu Johnston & Mark Dickov
John Gallagher (Tantric)

6pm – late

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Klockworks 10 - Etapp Kyle

The latest and 10th record from Ben Klock’s Klockworks imprint comes from the up and coming Ukranian producer Etapp Kyle, who delivers 4 tracks of really high quality.

The 4 tracks all share a similar aesthetic and are a perfect example for high quality, contemporary minimal techno.

‘Astra’ kicks off the EP with a track which immediately made me think of Jeff Mills’ Something In The Sky series, a cool melody carries the track, whilst the drum patterns subtlety change and drift in and out keeping you locked to its groove.  ‘Drama’ has a darker vibe and picks up the pace a bit; the main hook is another simple loop that alters slightly after 16 bars, before the drums change.  It’s not complex stuff, but it makes for a very effective track and my 2nd favourite from the record.

B1 ‘Aurora’ is my favourite from the EP and the real standout track. I think that it sounds like something in between artists like Recondite and DVS1.  Breaths of white noise that make way for shuffling hi-hats set the tone early, but as the track develops everything but the melody makes way for almost trance like elements that change the tone (I think it’s cool, but I’d love to have a version that’s just the main loop).  When the beat drops back in it brings the energy.  For me, this is one to be playing near the end of a pretty magical set.

‘Prizma’, the last track, is a pretty cool track, but it’s probably the weakest of the EP for me.  However, that being said, I really love Etapp Kyle’s style on this record and the m_nus track ‘Yuma’.  They are far more distinct than his earlier, more atmospheric productions, but whether that is a change of direction or simply the influence of the labels remains to be seen.

Wax Works meet Ø [Phase]

Ahead of our night on the 7th of September at Stereo, we caught up with Phase to get a brief insight into the man behind the alias.  Make sure to check out his latest EP and the mix at the bottom of the page.

If we go back, right to your first release on Steve Bicknell’s Cosmic Records 13 years ago, can you tell us how that came about? 

I used to go to pretty much all the Lost parties and loved the output from their label. I sent Steve an acetate with 4 tracks on in the hope he might like them and received a phone call a week or so later. Of the 4 he really liked Module Overload (the track the subsequently became the a-side of COS024), the two b-side tracks came later. 

I take it at this time making music was something you were doing, whilst working as a mastering engineer, but this has changed since, what was behind your change in focus?

To be honest, there's a lot of reasons; one was that the music industry went through drastic changes and the big studio where I was based had to close, it was at that point that I started to shift away from full time mastering and focus on production. It's still an interest for me but my true passion has always been the DJ production side.

As a DJ, you’ve been fortunate enough to play in countries all across the world, what clubs have left the biggest impression and where do you love to play?

My most memorable parties are often the one-offs where the promoters have transformed a warehouse space especially for that night. I played such a party for Karbon in Stockholm last new years eve; really good fun.
And a cliche perhaps, but Berghain Berlin always leaves a lasting impression. I think the strict door policy makes a huge difference. As a performer you always know that you're in front of a crowd that's that bit more pure and genuinely interested in what they're hearing.

What has changed for you since the success of Binary Opposition and did the idea for the album come off the back of this?

It's helped me connect with new people mostly, which is always nice and no doubt contributed to some remix commisions this year. The album, I've intended doing for a long while. The tracks draw upon ideas going back to various points over the last 12 years or so. 

Token Records has been your home label since 2007 and an important part of your career so far, how would you describe your relationship with the label and what part has it played in your development as an artist?

Since meeting, Kris & I have become great friends so where my releases are concerned we have a very close relationship and discuss things in great detail. We both have a firm belief in long term development and this has definitely been instrumental in shaping my musical path over the last 6 years. 

When is the album due out and what do you have planned for the future?

The album is due out in October and will be followed up with some very special remixes. I will be gigging around that and aim to do some more remixing myself where possible. 

Frames of Reference, the debut LP from Ø [Phase] is due out on the 21st of October this year.
The latest EP "On The Edge" is currently available in record shops.

Ø [Phase] plays at Stereo on 7th September, entry is £5 and doors open at 11pm.

1. Stanislav Tolkachev - Building Peaks
2. Shifted - Gates
3. Steven Brown - Polar
4. Martin H & Samuel L Sessions - The Leap
5. Marcel Dettmann - Bleep 5
6. Ø [Phase] - Behind The Sun
7. Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics
8. Ads - Transversal
9. Ø [Phase] - The Chasedown
10. Dax J & G Wild - Revok (Ø [Phase] Remix)
11. Truncate - Pad Mode
12. B & R - Afterlife
13. Psyk - RDNM
14. John Thomas - Psycho Groove
15. Developer & Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp Remix)
16. Ø [Phase] - Binary Opposition (Process 1)
17. P.A.S. - Sucktion
18. Robert Hood - A Time To Rebuild
19. Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings 5 (B1)
20. DVS1 - Evolve
21. Developer - Dirty Drive ('Shifted' Remix)
22. Chris Page - Decoy (Blawan Remix)
23. Ø [Phase] - [Unreleased]

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Phase - Smoke Machine Podcast

This is an absolutely storming mix from Phase for the Smoke Machine podcast and it’s definitely worth downloading if you missed it first time around.  We have him playing in Stereo on the 7th September and this mix should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Starting off with Sigha’s interpretation of Binary Process, it’s not long before you’re 3 or 4 tracks deep and things only pick up from there.  Featuring a wealth of his own productions there’s rarely a down moment. A mix which is pretty much relentless all of the way through and if you’re a fan of contemporary techno, this should give you more than enough reasons to be there next month.

Mike Parker - Mnajdra (Shifted Remix)

Shifted’s work rate is pretty mental and it can be hard to keep up at times.  It’s staggering then, that the quality of his output rarely drops and with a second album on the way, he shows no signs of letting up.

His remix of Mike Parker is my pick from an essential Geophone release.

Donato Dozzy - Giusy

This is one of my favourite Dozzy tracks and a record that rarely leaves my bag.  Criminally underplayed in my opinion and I guess due to its apparent lack of popularity here, it makes it a bit of a secret weapon.

Sigha - Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin Remix)

James Ruskin is one of the most consistent producers around imo and any time I see his name against a record, I am definitely checking it out.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this track, but I just had to post it here as it is an absolute peach.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nihad Tule & Bauri - Løksyra

Brutal 303 workout from  young swedish label Random Island, check out the rest of the label for similar wares.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bigfoot's Tea Party w/ Delta Funktionen, Alejandro Paz, Twitch, Vitamins, Bigfoot's & Wax Works

We know that there's more than a few Bigfoots Tea Party starters who dig Richie, so we've bagged a few of our favourite ones - might play one or two if the time is right.

BFTP - Let's go :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Charlton - Hypersalivation

I am definitely of the opinion that the really hard techno that Blawan and his army of clones are putting out is done and a more restrained approach is what people will be wanting soon.

However, that being said, there’s always room to have a few absolute belters in your bag.  Make sure this is one of them!

Oscar Mulero – Horses

Recently repressed, this is an essential record. So if you’ve not got it and you play techno, bag wan.

Peter Van Hoesen – Objects From The Past (Neel Remix)

I've lost interest in PVH if I’m honest, but with some pretty cool remixers working on his tracks I've been seeing his name a lot more.  This remix EP has a Fengler remix and a remix from one half of Voices From The Lake (Neel), which is definitely my favourite of the two.

If you are into the VFTL sound and the subtle approach they embody, then this will be right up your street.  Hypnotic bleeps and a restrained white noise, this will be killer in the right hands.

Dasha Rush - Rodrigues avant-garde

New record out from Dasha Rush on her own label, Full Panda, with 3 very cool tracks.  A new record from Dasha is something I will always make time for and she almost always delivers the goods.

Under appreciated, especially in Glasgow (who isn't that's any good?), but the A side is worth the £8 or whatever it'll cost you alone.  One for the better sound systems.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lakker - Coal Bath (Skirt Remix)

Rodhad - The Wall

This is the new one on Dystopian from Rodhad. Following up his 2 sold out EPs with a contribution on Dystopian 4.  It is pretty epic, definitely one for people to raise their hands in the air to!

He was miles better than Truncate when they played at the subclub earlier in the year and you can bet it won’t be too long before Animal Farm get him back again, this time giving him his usual job of closing parties!  A great DJ and cool producer.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hertsi - Oodi Sähkölle

Sähkö is one of the labels that really influenced me from the beginning, some of my very first records were on it.  Unfortunately, I’ve not added to my collection as much as I would’ve liked, but it’s more about the cost of the earlier ones than anything else.

This track was released in 1993 and still sounds better than most stuff being released today.  A huge influence on Sandwell District, Sleeparchive and Richie Hawtin.

Robert Hood - Invincible

Virtually everything from his catalogue will end up on here at some point, but I'm highlighting this just now as it's one I've yet to hear anyone else play.

A little known stormer from the Master.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wax Works & CryptiQ present Ø [Phase]

Ø [Phase], real name Ashley Burchett, made a massive impact with the huge Binary Opposition release on Token Records last year.  However, Phase has been putting out records since 2000 and saw his first record released on our previous guest Steve Bicknell’s Cosmic Records.

Not a prolific producer by any means, he seems to be a man that works at his own pace.  This approach has a positive impact on his output, however,  as there’s a timeless quality to a lot of his music, the sort of thing that producers who rush to meet release schedules and see their tracks forgotten after a just a few months, should maybe take more notice of.  Process 1 & 2 are great examples of this, as they are amongst the biggest techno tracks of the last 12 months and have been played by all your top techno DJs, but they still sound just as fresh & exciting when you drop them.

With an album due to be released in the very near future and bigger things just around the corner, this is a brilliant time to see him play.  He has recorded some absolutely storming mixes for Resident Advisor and Smoke Machine, so you’re in for a treat if techno is your bag.

The night is at Stereo, which is BY FAR our favourite venue in the city and it’s definitely the only club that you can really say feels like it’s a techno club.  So for less than it’ll cost you for a packet of fags, you can come and see one of the most exciting UK techno artists in the coolest venue in the city, with a sound system that is sounding fucking brilliant.

Fuck you, if you’re not into that.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Wax Works - What's Next?

Firstly, thanks to everyone who made it down on Saturday to see Lovejoy and Steve, musically, it was definitely one of my favourite nights and I think Steve is easily among the best DJs I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.  Stereo is definitely my favourite space in Glasgow and if it continues to sound as good as it did on Saturday night, I think we will be putting on our parties there for a long time.

Fortunately we return there on the 7th of September, completing a huge weekend for techno in Glasgow.  This time we’ll be hosting the night with our friends from Cryptiq and playing for the first time in Scotland will be Token Records’ Ø [Phase].

He is definitely one of the most exciting producers around at the moment and with some brilliant mixes available online, we think he’ll go down a treat.

Wax Works & Cryptiq

Ø [Phase]
at Stereo
Fiver entry

Friday, 2 August 2013


Attemporal - ATT5

This is new record from Attemporal, it’s just out so you’ll be able to get a copy pretty easily.  Really into ATT 5, but the rest of the tracks are pretty cool too - check it out.

OCH - Whale Song

Recently repressed, this was one of the standout tracks for me when we had Eric Cloutier & John Osborn over last summer.  

Eat Like Hawks

A track that you will either love or hate, and you will probably know within the first 5 seconds of hearing it: grating, awkward but impossible to ignore - I'm still waiting for the right time to play this in a club [3 or so years after picking it up].

An Ancient Methods track is on the flip, but this is where it’s at.


Acronym is a fairly new artist with only 3 releases to his name, however, I expect it’s someone that we will be a lot more familiar with in the next few years.  His tracks are deep and atmospheric, similar to Abdulla Rashim’s work, although, not quite as mental.

His latest EP is available now through the Northern Electronics Bandcamp page, although it costs slightly more with postage, the label will receive a lot more than if it is bought via a shop. 

The video above is for a track from his first EP on the label Dimensional Exploration, which I assume is his own label, so give it a listen and check out the samples for the new yin.

All 3 of his records come highly recommended.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Our Favourite Dettmann Records

With the announcement of Dettmann's new album, I asked the crew and Quail what their favourite Dettmann tune was and why.  There was no further discussion about it, but everyone picked a different yin.  It really highlights the quality of his output and I like the fact that you can get a feel for what all of us are about as DJs, just with picking 1 tune from 1 artist.  It's coool.

Let us know what your pick would be! 

Junior Boys – Work (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

“Hard man, but I think his remix of junior boys is maybe the only tune I can think of that whether u are into house or techno you won’t find one person that doesn’t think it’s the fuckin’ business”


Marcel Dettmann – Kernel

“Simple, yet pounding, right up my strase.  It sounds like what robots would listen to while going into battle.  The hypnotising bass and hat work makes my brain ejaculate all over the inside of my face”


Gowentgone – M.A.M (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

Unfortunately this is the only video for this track on youtube, it mixes out of the 1st tune around 1.30is I think.

“One of the first records I owned, played countless times and it still sounds as fresh as ever”


Commix – Satellite Type 2 (Marcel Dettmann Remix 2)

“I love the stripped back, warehouse vibe you get from this, it’s really hypnotic and just kinda locks you in to its groove.  It's gonna sound just as good in 10 or 15 years, which says it all for me.”


Marcel Dettmann - Let's Do It

"Probably my first introduction to Dettmann and still grabs me every time. Stripped back and tough, those breath-y synth stabs and jarred rhythm are quintessentially Dettmann."

Quail (Animal Farm)

Abdulla Rashim - Alem Maya

Abdullah Rashim is pretty much a buy on sight artist for me, so it was sweet getting this record and playing it for the first time with no idea how it would sound.  Abdulla is making the music that Richie Hawtin should’ve ended up making, as it occupies the same kind of territory as the Plastikman and it is clear that Plastikman has been a huge influence on Adbullah’s sound. 

Not to take anything away from Abdullah’s music, as he is one of the few artists that really, really excites me.  It can be quite strange playing his records in Glasgow, as it is definitely not a sound that is as popular here as it is in say, Berlin, but it’s cool and I hope that by doing this, people will get tuned into his music and the kinda stuff we play.

My favourite track on this is Alem Maya 1, it’s a deep atmospheric, acid track that barely has a kick a drum.  I can’t imagine this being for everyone and if you’re not drawn in immediately, stick with it, bookmark this page and come back to it in 6 months // 1 year // 2 years..  whatever it takes, because this is the shit.

Banging tracks are all well and good, but this, this is timeless.

Donato Dozzy - 200 EP

This yin is the latest EP from Donato Dozzy, who is pretty much The Man in my eyes.  The tracks have been constructed using various parts of other tracks by Roman producers and they were originally featured on Donato’s podcast 200.  Which I highly recommend checking out.

The standout track and the one in the video is 200.3, it is an absolute belter and is essential for anyone who is enjoys their tunes with a lot of energy.  It reminds me of Phase – Binary Opposition and I think those tracks would work really well together in a mix.  I love how it feels like it is constantly building towards something that never actually comes, it is hypnotic techno at its finest.  Definitely going to be in my bag for a long time to come.

Top tip! Buy it now.  This will be going for £50+ in a couple of years, easy, so fuck paying that.

Alien Rain

Alien Rain III landed in the shops a couple of weeks ago and sold out pretty much instantly, but there’s been a repress, so you should be able to pick up a copy from a record shop and avoid Discogs prices.

For anyone that doesn't know, Alien Rain is a production alias for Milton Bradley, the guy responsible for the Do Not Resist The Beat record label and The End of All Existence project.  All of the Alien Rain tracks are among the best acid techno tracks around, in my opinion, so if it’s new to you, then get onto it.

The A side on the new record is my pick at the moment (which you should already be listening to), but the b side is definitely worth just as many plays and can also be found on youtube.  Perfect tracks for an after party, yet equally as ideal for use in the club.

It’s another killer EP added to Milton Bradley’s discography and should be in your record collection.