Wednesday, 23 February 2011

wxwxmxik tracklist

I decided in December that I was no longer going to release tracklists with my mixes, this was mainly down to the fact that people judge a mix before they have even heard it, but also because my tracks are all that I have as a DJ, and it's hard to share records you have spent ages searching for.

but, I think it would be wrong to encourage people to buy music and to buy vinyl, whilst keeping the tracks/artists/labels that I am playing and supporting private, so I will try to provide tracklists for all of the mixes that feature here.

1. Oskar Offermann & Moomin - Hardmood [Aim]
2. Kink - Rachel [Ovum]
3. Tyrez - Functional Love [Dolly]
4. Omar S - Flying Blind [FXHE]
5. Falko Brocksieper - Frantic Formula [Triebstoff]
6. Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - United Elements [Lan Muzic]
7. Delta Funktionen - Eruption [Ann Aimee]
8. Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Unvulnerable Prototype [Zooloft]
9. Sendai - Below K-Pun One [Time 2 Express]
10. Brando Lupi - Attitude [Dozzy Records]
11. Reality Or Nothing - Untitled (Silent Servant Remix) [RSB]
12. Brian Sanhaji - Cortosis (Chris Liebing Remix) [CLR]
13. Mike Parker - Compressor Blades [Aquaplano LTD]
14. Nuel - Untitled [Aquaplano LTD]

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  1. nice, i think it's good to post tracklists, even if it means giving up some secrets to support the producers ... hadn't gotten around to this but after looking at those names i will definitely give this a try soon. and i really want that unvulnverable prototype record!

  2. Yeah you are right Brian, just need to think of the bigger picture.

    Thanks man, I hope you like it! It's a great record man, shame about the discogs prices though :(

  3. You could always leave a couple of tracks labeled, Untitled - Untitled.