Saturday, 26 February 2011

What We're Feelin'

After a pretty quiet start to the year things seem to have picked up, there's been a lot of great music released, some fantastic mixes and podcasts, and also some worthwhile features & interviews, here's what I recommend checking out.

RA 245 - Traversable Wormhole

I haven't been blown away by any of the RA podcasts so far this year, but Adam's is the only one that has done it for me. It's a solid mix of current techno, it's definitely worth an extended stay on your ipod. I was a bit disappointed with the tracklist as there's not really anything new here, but that doesn't stop it from being a really good mix.

There is also a great interview over at LWE with Adam X.

Adam has a lot to say, and his story is extremely interesting, I admire the way that he stuck to his guns and didn't compromise his sound to try and be popular.. Which can't be said for a lot of artists.

Seeing as we are on the subject of LWE here is another interview I recommend you checking out, it's with Ben Klock. It's probably the best interview I have read with anyone associated with Ostgut or Berghain, and it's reassuring to read that they are aware of the hype, but they will carry on doing their thing the way they always have. It's also no surprise to see that he is sick of receiving promos from producers saying 'This is Berghain techno', I think this sums up a lot of producers right now.. Especially those who have hopped on the bandwagon, and started making harder techno.

There's a really nice feature with fellow Glaswegian The Village Orchestra over at RA. It's a nice insight into an artist that I don't know enough about, but it's also good to see people from Glasgow get some recognition.

Another mix I seriously recommend checking out is Anatomy 7, this was recorded by Patrick Walker (one half of FSG), and has a nice interview from him too. The Anatomy series features a lot of interesting mixes, with one from Smear as well (other half of FSG). So if you're into this one, then I suggest checking out the rest.

Some records I recommend are... the Desolate album, which got a great review over at RA and is probably my favourite LP in 2011 so far. Shed - Well Done has been repressed recently, and is a great record to have in your bag. Raw grooves from one of techno's most important producers. Incidentally, this was the first Shed record I ever bought.

Another essential re-press is Tulkinta, this features some of my favourite tracks from Mika Vainio and it's incredible to think that this music was being made in 1993. Inspirational stuff from possibly the best techno artist there is.

Ø - röntgen

Last but not least is the new FXHE release, and in true Omar S fashion it's £10 for a one sided 12". Just as well it's a belter then.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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