Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wax Works & CryptiQ present Ø [Phase]

Ø [Phase], real name Ashley Burchett, made a massive impact with the huge Binary Opposition release on Token Records last year.  However, Phase has been putting out records since 2000 and saw his first record released on our previous guest Steve Bicknell’s Cosmic Records.

Not a prolific producer by any means, he seems to be a man that works at his own pace.  This approach has a positive impact on his output, however,  as there’s a timeless quality to a lot of his music, the sort of thing that producers who rush to meet release schedules and see their tracks forgotten after a just a few months, should maybe take more notice of.  Process 1 & 2 are great examples of this, as they are amongst the biggest techno tracks of the last 12 months and have been played by all your top techno DJs, but they still sound just as fresh & exciting when you drop them.

With an album due to be released in the very near future and bigger things just around the corner, this is a brilliant time to see him play.  He has recorded some absolutely storming mixes for Resident Advisor and Smoke Machine, so you’re in for a treat if techno is your bag.

The night is at Stereo, which is BY FAR our favourite venue in the city and it’s definitely the only club that you can really say feels like it’s a techno club.  So for less than it’ll cost you for a packet of fags, you can come and see one of the most exciting UK techno artists in the coolest venue in the city, with a sound system that is sounding fucking brilliant.

Fuck you, if you’re not into that.

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