Thursday, 22 August 2013

Klockworks 10 - Etapp Kyle

The latest and 10th record from Ben Klock’s Klockworks imprint comes from the up and coming Ukranian producer Etapp Kyle, who delivers 4 tracks of really high quality.

The 4 tracks all share a similar aesthetic and are a perfect example for high quality, contemporary minimal techno.

‘Astra’ kicks off the EP with a track which immediately made me think of Jeff Mills’ Something In The Sky series, a cool melody carries the track, whilst the drum patterns subtlety change and drift in and out keeping you locked to its groove.  ‘Drama’ has a darker vibe and picks up the pace a bit; the main hook is another simple loop that alters slightly after 16 bars, before the drums change.  It’s not complex stuff, but it makes for a very effective track and my 2nd favourite from the record.

B1 ‘Aurora’ is my favourite from the EP and the real standout track. I think that it sounds like something in between artists like Recondite and DVS1.  Breaths of white noise that make way for shuffling hi-hats set the tone early, but as the track develops everything but the melody makes way for almost trance like elements that change the tone (I think it’s cool, but I’d love to have a version that’s just the main loop).  When the beat drops back in it brings the energy.  For me, this is one to be playing near the end of a pretty magical set.

‘Prizma’, the last track, is a pretty cool track, but it’s probably the weakest of the EP for me.  However, that being said, I really love Etapp Kyle’s style on this record and the m_nus track ‘Yuma’.  They are far more distinct than his earlier, more atmospheric productions, but whether that is a change of direction or simply the influence of the labels remains to be seen.

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