Friday, 9 December 2011

Goodbye.. For Now

So this Saturday we'll be playing our last gig of 2011, it's a pretty low key affair in a REAL hairdressers that'll hopefully finish our year of ups and downs on a high. Now you may have noticed that the blog has been neglected somewhat recently, but that is all set for change as of 01/2012 - we're upping our game in our attempt for world domination. So expect more exclusive mixes, more interviews and plenty of moans, plus we're also going to feature more regular mixes from the Wax Works crew and close affiliates.

Now forgetting about next year for now, I just want to thank everyone who has been involved in or supported Wax Works over the last 12 months, all the DJs who have played for us or recorded mixes, everyone who helped out with the parties, all the people who have taken time out their lives to read this pish, listened to the mixes and/or attended our parties - thank you. Also massive shouts to our friends at Animal Farm, No Sleep, Bigfoot's, Loop, Broken20, Point4, Code, Jak & Scenic Tones (sorry if I've missed anyone) - we appreciate all the support and have you all to thank for improving the scene in Glasgow..

2011 may be drawing to a close and you might be short on cash due to Christmas, but there's still plenty of great records being released that you need to buy (Mike Parker on prlg & DNRTB07 especially), excellent parties to attend (Robert Hood, Rolando, Patrice Scott) and there's the always contentious end of year lists to disagree with, of which we'll be doing our own with the inclusion of the selections from a few of Glasgow's finest techno minds/selectahs.

But, for now, consider this goodbye from us for 2011 and hopefully we'll see you at The Halt on New Years Day where we'll be kicking 2012 off in forgettable fashion.


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