Sunday, 25 December 2011

The best of 2011 from The Techno Demon

Here's what was doing it for the techno demon in 2011, maybe when 'it' can mix the identity shall be revealed. no specific order

Perc Trax - Been a strong year for perc trax. Definitely the new home of industrial techno. A solid album from Perc, and lots to look forward to next year with the FSG full length

Stroboscopic Artefacts - Dark, abstract, idm style, head fuck techno. Lucy's album 'wordplay for working bees' and xhins 'sword' have been two of the years best. Its not all about the 4/4 and SA has been putting out interesting, atmpospheric electronica that wouldnt sound out of place on a warp records release

Auxiliary - ASC'S new label. Been really enjoying the experimental/ambient stuff coming from ASC. His mix for mnml ssgs is an excellent example of the dnb he's familiar with, plus the more ambient electronics we're hearing from him

Broken 20 - TVO is a new name to me these past few months. His excellent mnml ssgs mix brought him to my attention, and everything i've been hearing such as his remixes of isodyne, perc, have done enough to strengthen the labels reputation. His set at the wax works nights was top drawer stuff and his mix for the wax works site i have listened to loads!


Falty Dl - You stand uncertain - Planet Mu... More song based than any of my other picks. Some great melodies and vocals on this album. This album gets the girls dancing too. Very accessible and very funky!

Perc - Wicker and Steel - Perc Trax....Raw, abrasive, steely techno. Industrial techno never comes across that well on the album format, but this is a fine example of it!

Tycho - Dive - Ghostly International... Nice, relaxing home listening sounds that remind me of boards of canada.

Kangding Ray - OR - Raster Noton.... There's a big hype about raster noton. Im not gonna lie, im not keen on the vast majority of the stuff thats released on the label. Enjoyed Senkings, Pong from last year, but their a bit 'too ' experimental for my tastes. However, OR is much more accessible. Another home listening album, the sounds, melodies, moods created on this album are dark and brilliant

Lucy - Wordplay for working bees - SA... Shades of aphex and autechre and other early IDM artists with this album. Album standout 'Gas' is proper good head fuck material. This album is best played at 5 in the morning after the club

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  1. OR - amazing album. Has been on repeat for the last 6 months.