Friday, 16 December 2011

Best of 2011 from Quail

Here's a few things i've enjoyed this year…


Shifted - probably my artist of the year, coming from the relative unknown to become one of the most talked about and in demand techno producers is no mean feat, considering he's only released a handful of EPs.

Truncate - great moniker of LA's Audio Injection. The more stripped back style of his productions in no way hinders every track's ability to destroy dance floors.

Skudge - raw, analogue techno at it's best. Some amazing live set recordings have been floating around all year.

Markus Suckut - excellent, upcoming German producer. Ticks all the boxes in terms of production. Great first release on his own imprint due soon, the future is bright!

Shed/EQD/WAX/Head High - Mentioned by Iain already but definitely worth another shout. This man can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. With a multitude of different aliases each with their own unique take on the techno/house aesthetic.,

others….Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist The Beat), Mike Parker. Forward Strategy Group, Marcel Fengler, Youandewan, Italojonson, Marcellus, Deepchord, Frozen Border/Horizontal Ground, Jonas Kopp….2011 has seen some amazing releases from this lot, too many to mention :(

A special shout to Mr Copy who provided me with three edits of some well known tunes that I haven't stopped playing this year!


Stoboscopic Artefacts
Mote Evolver
Deeply Rooted House
Sandwell District
Our Circula Sound
Analogue Solutions

Lastly…My favourite compilation/collection of music this year has got to be Regis' Adolescence : The Complete Recordings 1994 - 2001. 3 CDs chronicling the rise of the Birmingham sound, loving hardbound in a linen cloth book. Essential.

All the best for 2012!!


* Animal Farm have Roland at the Sub Club on December 28th & Sandwell District on January 6th - not to be missed.

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