Saturday, 8 January 2011

January Picks

I plan on putting together a small post every now and then, updating you on some of the records I have been buying, it gives you an idea what to expect if you come to one of our parties, or download one of the mixes from the blog.

It's not a chart,I won't be putting up anything that is unreleased and I am not using this to hype up certain records, it's just an insight into my record bag.

If you like the music, then please support the artists and buy it.


Demdike Stare - Liberation Through Hearing [Modern Love]

This is the latest album from british duo Sean Canty & Miles Whittaker and it is excellent, if you are not aware of these guys then you should be, ambient/droning techno cuts of the highest quality.

Function - Variance 1 - 3 [Sandwell District]

I was a bit skeptical when I saw this was getting released, there is only so many times you can sell people the same track right? But, after Adam told me to check out the EP I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

A lot of hype(too much?) surrounding Sandwell, and I think that their popularity and success puts them in a difficult situation regarding the ideals and ethos behind the label.

Still, killer EP and I recommend getting this if you can... It's not in stock at Rubadub yet so I imagine they will have plenty of copies within the next few weeks.

V/A - Superlongevity 5 [Perlon]

Sure, it's £60+ and yes the samples for the tracks were not great, but this is a killer compilation and IMO is better than Funf. Perlon had a good year in 2010, Cassy had a strong EP and the Portable EP was a nailer, they also released Ark's album and the Harmonie Park EP that I really wasn't feeling, but RA had some nice things to say about it. So I'm really looking forward to hearing what Perlon do this year.

Giorgio Gigli - Skulking In The Shadow [Zooloft]

Great atmospheric techno from Gigli here on a pretty cool gold vinyl, limited to 250 so your best bet is probably Discogs. Perfect for fans of Prologue, Dozzy etc...

There is also a new Zooloft coming out shortly with a remix from Mike Parker! Really looking forward to that!

A few more tips regarding Mike Parker - he has a new record coming out on Prologue with a Donato Dozzy remix, which is probably going to be massive, also he has a record coming out on Semantica later on in the year.

Semantica is a label that is really worth checking out, all the records are limited so move quickly - if you can I would recommend picking up the Silent Servant EP - El Mar


  1. it's been 4 weeks and i'm still waiting on my two copies of 'skulking in the shadow' from rubadub. they told me the postal service shut down due to weather, and that if it's lost they have spare copies... i sure hope so, it seems to have already sold out!

  2. Ah that sucks, have you phoned them recently? Hope you get it sorted man.

  3. yup i've talked with them: we're still waiting. i guess i might only get one copy because the package sent to me is either lost or slowly returning to them... dasha rush's 2xLP 'i run iron i run ironic' is in the order too, so the wait is killing me!