Friday, 24 May 2013

Wax Works May 2013 Tips

Here's 5 of my favourite records from this month's purchases.  I think they're all fairly essential and, at the time of writing, are all still available in shops.

I've provided YouTube and Rubadub links provided where possible, but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me post all the vids to this page?!

Hope you enjoy!

Iain xo

Clouds - Radical Cutting Methods [Overly Assembly 002]

Okay, so they're probably making techno because Blawan has made it cool, but this EP is an absolute weapon in its own right.  There's 2 tracks on here from Clouds and 2 remixes, one from Edit Select and one from Sosak, and all 4 are worth your time.  If you're after a new banger. Buy this.
My pick of the bunch ise Edit Select's version.  It's a subtle, hypnotic beast of a track and, although it isn't as immediate as the other cuts, this is the one you'll be playing for years to come.

JS - Reduction 1 [Phorma 002]

The second release on the new Swedish imprint Phorma comes from JS with a Nax_Acid remix.  This one is for fans of deeper, atmospheric and dub techno.  The one I've been playing is the A side from JS, it has a very natural/chilled out feel, but with a grooving bassline and really crisp highs to get people moving.  Just a really nice tune that could be played at almost any time of the night/day.

Delroy Edwards - White Owl [L.I.E.S 14.5]

Lies is pretty much the most relentlessly killer label around right now, with a release schedule that does nothing but negatively effect your social life.  But with records like this, why would you want to go out?!  The latest EP from DELROY!!! is a killer 3 track number that is just insane.  My pick of the bunch is the title track on the A side, it is mental.  Can see this doing a lot of damage in clubs for the foreseeable future - pick it up while you can, as once they go out of stock you're gonna be paying at least double or left hoping for a repress.

Galcher - Lustwerk [White Material]

Another NYC label bringing the heat.  The track I wanted to share isn't on YT, so you can make do with the A2 track, but definitely check the clips on Rubadub.  This is probably my favourite record right now if I'm honest and I reckon I'll be playing this one for a long, long time.  4 excellent house tracks, that I cannot wait to play in a club.  If you are a fan of Levon Vincent, Jus Ed, Fred P, Anthony Parasole, Anthony Naples you should get the picture.

L'estasi Dell'oro - Dichtomous Life / Belle [Flaneur Audio]

Both tracks on this are really cool, but the vocalist on Belle has won my favour and that's my pick from this EP.  It is a slow building track that gradually evolves over the course of 9 minutes, it has a really raw groove to it with cool hi-hat patterns that, along with the vocal, keeps the track going for the 9 minutes.  but there's all these otherworldy, alien noises that come in and out - which is completely up my street.

Raw techno jams.  Limited pressing of 300.

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