Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wax Works present AnD @ La Cheetah 31:05:13

Wax Works present AnD at La Cheetah Club 31st May 2013

It's kinda weird that it's taken until May for the first Wax Works party of the year, but with other nights and gigs it was kinda difficult to find the time to organise something. However, we're back doing our own thing again and we're going to be putting on some pretty dynamite techno acts in the very near future.

First up, we've got UK techno due AnD.  They're coming up to Glasgow on the 31st May to play in La Cheetah and they will be bringing some absolute weapons.  For anyone unfamiliar with them, they have been releasing some of the heaviest, no-nonsense techno around and if you're a fan of Regis, Blawan, Surgeon, MPIA3, Shifted etc etc THIS IS FOR YOU.  If you find yourself listening to the latest Hot Creations mix when you're after some casual listening... It's probably best to head elsewhere.

The good folk at La Cheetah have made some changes to the club and have stripped down the dodgy UFO/Alien like DJ booth, whilst giving the sound system some extra beef, courtesy of Function 1.  Anyone who has been down there for a party will surely agree that it's sounding pretty damn fine in that basement.

With entry to the night at only £5, you'll be hard pushed to find a better option for your Friday night.  We'll be getting on it early doors, anyone who wants to join us for drinks in the bar upstairs before hand is more than welcome, we'll be down about 8pm.

After this, we don't have too much on.  Half of Glasgow seems to go to Sonar, so we are lying low.  However, we appreciate that everyone is feeling the pinch and even more so with summer excursions, so we're gonna try to put on some sort of free party with the crew towards the end of next month.  Fingers crossed we can make it happen - there's not enough free techno in my opinion!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend and bags a few records from the dub.  I'll be heading to DJ Sprinkles on Friday night and then the L.I.E.S showcase on Saturday. DELROY!!!!

So say hello if you're about.

Iain xo

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