Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Verve(ine)

It's a rare surprise when a new Verveine mix goes online, but to get 2 in such a short space of time.. Well it just doesn't happen, or does it?

The first mix is a 5 hour set back to back with Julietta, it's a bit of a marathon in terms of listening at home - but if you're having a BBQ or some friends round for a few beers, this is all you need. 5 hours of the very best house music.

The 2nd mix is about a year old and it's as techno as I've heard Eli, but still stays true to what she is all about. It's refreshing to hear a mix from her that varies from what's been before, so many DJ's are great at one thing but struggle when they get out of their comfort zone, this is further proof that Eli can easily hold her own with the best.

If you're into these then I also suggest checking out her Kapterka radio show mix, it's top class.

I don't know what it is about Eli's mixes, I don't if it's just the records that she's playing, or the way it's recorded but her mixes just have this really warm, raw, vibe bordering on distorted, but not going far enough for it to become uncomfortable or detract from the music. Whatever it is, it's quality and I hope that more and more people start to realise it.

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