Thursday, 5 May 2011

Solomon Cain-ing It

In 2011 being a DJ is tough, there's only been a handful of DJs in recent times who have made the journey from resident to international star. 3 that are well on their way imo are Eli Verveine, Eric Cloutier & Jackmaster (if you know more then please share them) but they're a rare breed and still, if they really want to take their career up to the level of their peers, they need some records out. The DJs at Berghain/Pbar are probably the best example of this, a few years ago many of them had never made a record, now they are international artists with albums to their names - maybe it was a natural progression from DJ to artists, maybe they're just DJ's who want more gigs.. based on the standard of the albums, I would go with the latter.

It's a shame, but that's the way it is.. Promoters want something they can sell to people, and having a hit record or being attached to a reputable label is going to help considerably if you're wanting more gigs, and to ultimately make a living from music.

Personally, I don't think it should matter who you are, what label you're on or who you're friends with.. if you're music is good or you are a skilled selector, then your talent should be shared.
So here's a mix from the latest DJ I have stumbled upon, Andrew Solomon. He has 2 mixes on his page, but I think the stronger of the 2 is definitely the December mix. The November mix is good, but it's just straight up techno, where as the December mix has a bit more to it and is a better mix to get an idea of what Andrew is all about.

If you're a fan of Milton Bradley, Sandwell District, Prologue etc.. I highly recommend checking this guy out.

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  1. Here's the tracklist from Andrew's page:

    pinch & moving ninja – false flag – tectonic
    frozen border – 6.1 – frozen border
    sp-x – extract – time to express
    samuli kemppi – quantum mechanics – mote evolver
    scuba – tracers (deadbeat remix) – hotflush
    traversable wormhole – centauri dreams – traversable wormhole
    o/v/r – descending the left corner – blueprint records
    sigha – early morning lights (marcel dettmann remix) – our circular sound
    reality or nothing – kalon 08 (sandwell mix) – rsb
    frozen border – 3.2 – frozen border
    furreshu – 1993 – project squared
    pinch – elements – swamp81
    demdike stare – all hallows eve – modern love

    Recorded with vinyl.