Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May I recommend?

Okay, not posted up some records in a little while so here's a few that I have been playing recently, a couple that are just out and 2 that you may have to go to Discogs for.

Mike Parker: Geophone 16

Unique, warehouse techno - a new Mike Parker record means a new essential purchase, this time we're treated to 4 tracks which will seriously mess with people's heads in the club. My pick of the bunch is probably B2 , it's not for the faint hearted but it will sound unreal on a good system. This is going to be in the bag for a long, long time.

Also, I think it's worth mentioning Mike's amazing artwork which is all done by him. Talented guy.

Analogue Solutions: Analogue Solutions 1

Sample heavy house & techno that just rocks on a good system, there's something for every set in the Analogue Solutions series and if you can, I suggest getting all 6 of them - my choice has to be 001 from the records so far, 3 absolutely killer tracks that will go down well anywhere - one of the highlights of the Electric Frog was Ben Klock dropping this.

Donato Dozzy: Acid Test 03

This didn't get the thumbs up over at LWE, but I really can't see where Richard Brophy is coming from when it comes to Dozzy. His Album 'K' was one of the best records last year, and tracks like 'Your Eyes' & 'Menta' are absolutely essential. Granted these are collabs, but I think you can definitely hear the influence Dozzy has had on the them.

As for Acid Test 03 it's a warm, relaxed acidic number that was made especially for Dozzy's set at Labyrinth, and on remix duties is Tinman in a role reversale from Acid Test 01 - The remix is my favourite track out on the EP, dark, trippy techno with a haunting vocal, if you were a fan of Acid Test 01, this will be right up your street.

Atom TM & Pink Elln: Live Volume 12 - 15.11.2009 Berlin Berghain

This is one of the best records in 2011 for me, over 20 minutes of analogue, hypnotic, acid-techno. A & B are both of the highest quality, don't miss this.

Get the B Side FREE - here. Rubadub did have this in stock, but it's not on the site.

The Secret Initiative II

Another white label, another anonymous producer, another fantastic EP.

I missed out on the first Secret Initiative, but on the strength of this release I will be purchasing that when I can. Both of these tracks are ambient/droning/spacey techno with a bit of melody that adds just enough light to the tracks, pick this one up if you can.

Relative 003

This isn't the most recent release from Relative, 4 & 5 are both out and I think you can still get them in most good record shops, but it's my favourite from this label so far.

It comes with 3 raw, analogue house bangers with 'Play Records' being my pick, it just destroys, it's a massive, massive tune.
I think this is one of the only tracks that has been played twice at one of our gigs

For those who don't know, Relative, Appointment, Restoration & Live Jam are all the same crew - and they are making some of the best house music around right now.
If you like your house to be a bit rough around the edges, then this is for you - all of the tracks are recorded on analogue gear, probably in 1 take.
These records just have so much more feeling and warmth than the majority of what is being released today, absolutely essential in my eyes.

* Don't wait around on these records because they are limited, vinyl only pressings and when they're gone you're looking at about £20 + for these on discogs

Also - I highly recommend checking out this mix from ISM if you're new to these guys

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