Thursday, 20 June 2013

29th June

Sonar is over for another year, everyone is back in Glasgow and everyone is looking for the next Wax Works party to go to, right?

It’s been a pretty quiet summer so far for us, which sucks, although this has meant more money being spent on tunes than buying drink and drugs, so it isn’t all bad.  I’ll have a post up shortly with some of the records I’ve been into recently and hopefully you all rush out and you tube them again.

I also may or may not post the mix I recorded recently, which may or may not be the best mix, like... ever!  I’m currently waiting on my mate’s thoughts before deciding what to do with it, because I recorded it for him and it’s kind of a shame these days that most mixes are just shared with EVERYONE.  I mean, it used to be exciting getting a DJ mix from your mate that he had made just for you and it’s a very personal way of sharing music.  I’m into it.  Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, the next party... It’s a bit short notice, but I figured why post up about it when everyone is at Sonar.  So here’s the skinny:

Wax Works vs Animal Farm
Make Do
FREE ENTRY all night

Saturday 29th June

Fuck ehy

See you all therr

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  1. I heavy love your prose!

    Heavy tunes, and heavy prose!

    Maybe you and Rrose should get together and call yourselves PRrose!

    Either way, keep up the good work xo