Thursday, 14 July 2011

Black Country

Moving on from Cloutier, July is all about 1 man, Regis. Tomorrow night he will be back in the subclub, after last years performance, but this time he will be playing as Regis. With Regis you can expect uncompromising, purest techno - which, since Monox has stopped, has been way overdue in the subclub.

It's such a shame that nights like tomorrow are not the norm for the subclub, and that the majority of the time we are offered watered down house, or irrelevant has beens. It's out of touch, and it gets by based on the appeal of the club, it's repuation and the lack of any worthwhile competition.. It doesn't lead the way with forward thinking bookings like it could or should.

It's the best club in Scotland, but it could do so much more. It is so far behind the behind the leading clubs like Fabric, Trouw, Berghain and even now to an extent with places like Corsica Studios, with their adventurous line ups and up to date booking policy. I only hope that artists like Regis, Lucy & Shifted become a bit more regular, and that the DJs and artists who are leading the way in Techno and House start to frequent Glasgow a bit more often. Techno & House have a wealth of talent that just isn't respresented in Glasgow, and there's no better place for them than the subclub.

If you don't have plans for tomorrow and if you are even slightly interested in techno, then you must go to the subclub. If someone like Regis can't get a good turnout, then I'm afraid we are doomed.

And if you're up for it, Regis is back in the UK on Sat 30th July @ Fabric. We are getting a 20hour round bus trip, with the mega bus.. Which will be pretty tough going, but you can't argue when it only costs £16.

Room 2 features Terry Francis, Sandwell District & Sigha. I honestly cannot wait for it.

"Club or Country? Black Country"

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