Thursday, 28 April 2011

Death Is Not Final

Easter is over, the electric frog is not back until July and the highlight of this weekend is techno's poster boy, Richie Hawtin, playing @ Pressure, but that doesn't mean it's all bad news.. May is shaping up to be an excellent month for nights out, and hopefully it sets the tone for the rest of the summer.

On the first Friday of the Month we are playing Point 4 @ The Soundhaus with Neil Murphy & Jamie Knox of Loop. We will be taking over 'The Wee Room' for the evening, with Nomad & Tronic playing the 'Main Room' & 'Mirror Room' respectively. There's an afterparty for the night too, which will be hosted by Hotbox and will feature Mr. Copy & Turtle from Animal Farm.. After playing at the afterparty for the last Point4, I can honestly say that this will be wild and if you miss it, then you're missing out.

The Saturday isn't really up to much to be honest, Melting Pot is always going to be a good night, but apart from that it's uninspiring.

The week after has Dygas at The Admiral, Steve Rachmad at La Cheetah & Agoria at The Arches. Plenty to choose from on this night, so hopefully they are all pretty busy.

Again not much happening on Saturday, but I will be going to Loop at The Brunswick. Andy Gilbert who played at the last Wax Works party is playing, so I'm sure the tunes will be good, entry is cheap and Andy will have the vinyl out - more than enough reason to be in attendance.

I recently posted about Shackleton playing on the 20th May, and I was looking forward to this party the most out of all the ones I have mentioned, but the 20th May just got absolutely massive..

After having Kenny Larkin over to play, and playing 3 times in the one day with Ben Klock at the Electric Frog - Animal Farm have gone and booked Berghain resident Norman Nodge to play the subclub. But what looked like a nasty clash has actually turned out perfectly, as the Shackleton gig ends at 10:30pm and the subclub opens at 11pm. It's not often that you get a night of top class music starting 7pm and going on until 7am in Glasgow, this is essential.

The last weekend in May is pretty quiet Deadly Rhythm have Martyn & Braiden booked, but that's not really my cup of tea so I expect it will be a weekend of rest before Steffi in June.

A little bit of Wax Works related news if you're interested..

We recorded a mix for the 'Loopcast' recently, and it should hopefully be online within the next week or so - it's only an hour, but the tunes are excellent and it's all vinyl as always.

Not sure when the next Wax Works party will be, but we have recently teamed up with the lads from EQD to put on a couple of parties later in the year. The 1st July should be in your diary, we are hosting one of mnmlssgs favourite DJ's, Eric Cloutier - who will be spinning alll night in The Admiral.. There will also be an exclusive mix from Eric, we're hoping to have some CDs in and around Glasgow in June, give me a shout if you want one.

Also, I think we will be playing an all day party at The Halt Bar - this will either be at the end of May or the first weekend in June. I will keep you posted.

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