Thursday, 30 December 2010

Favourite mixes of 2010

One of the issues I have with dance music, is that every week there are
countless podcasts and mixes released on tons of websites, blogs and
soundclouds. So many that it is impossible to even download all the mixes,
never mind listen to them.
The ssgs touched on this recently when posting their favourite mixes of the
past year, and I have to agree with them, I think if websites such as RA or
FACT didn’t release new mixes so relentlessly then perhaps we would have more
time to really listen to the mixes and be able to appreciate the better ones.
Anyway… Here is a list of my favourite mixes from 2010, I hope you find the
time to enjoy them.
This one was posted up on the ssgs blog in the summer and with no artist
name or tracklist, it received little attention… Which is a shame, why do
we need a name, label or tracklist before giving something our time?
It reminds me of Adam X’s recent interview where he said that no one had
time for the TW stuff when he gave it to them under his own name, it’s a
strange world.
But the mix is fantastic, and you can find an incomplete tracklist for it
online if that’s your thing. Also the final track (Mike Parker – Acromion)
has just been released on Aquaplano and I would recommend picking this up,
move fast though as it is limited to 300.
Eric Cloutier Music Aus Strom
Eric is one of the most under appreciated DJs about, he is simply on a
different level. The guy knows just knows, and every mix by him is pretty
much guaranteed a lengthy stay on my ipod.
The mix that I have chosen to feature here is his most recent one for Music
Aus Strom, but it was a toss up between this and his Globus mix (
for his mix of the year, so I would recommend you check that one out too.
P.S Eric is coming to Europe in the summer of 2011, so if you can make it
happen, then get this guy booked. I’m fairly certain he is coming to Glasgow
so we will definitely keep you all up to date if/when we know more.
Mike Parker @ Warehouse702
A new Mike Parker record or mix is the kind of thing that just gets me
going, it’s pretty much buy on sight when it comes to Mike’s music and the
same applies to his mixes – They are essential.
This mix is only a few weeks old, but it more than deserves it’s place in
this list.
Ancient Methods FACT Mix 188
Ancient Methods released what I think is their best record so far in AM05,
and judging by their FACT mix their live set is absolutely storming.
I think they are easily one of the most exciting acts in techno right now
and the future is looking very bright with these guys around.
Eli Verveine Rawmance
I am a massive fan of Eli, she is easily one of my favourite DJs and I
really hope that 2011 is a killer year for her, all of her mixes are just
so smooth and they are absolutely timeless.  I really owe the ssgs on this
one, because if it wasn’t for them then I would never have heard Eli when I
This is just one of many fantastic mixes from Eli and you would be
doing yourself a huge favour to check them all out.
Silent Servant Tresor Promo Mix
Silent Servant is the unsung hero of Sandwell District, and he just owns
with this mix. The mix is from and it is based on Tresor 1996,
it features some of the finest techno from the early nineties and one of
Wax Works all time favourite tracks in ‘Speak To Me’.  I think this mix
really highlights the quality of the music from that period and you can still
play these tracks today and have people going crazy.
The mixes on are an education and I would recommend spending
sometime checking them out.  His recent remix of Claudio PRC is Also really
worth picking up and if you can get a copy I would recommend this. 
Thanks to all of the people who were involved in making these mixes happen.

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