Monday, 28 May 2012

Cloutier & Osborn 09:06:12

There's less than 1 week left to get £5 tickets for our party on June 9th, they're available directly from Resident Advisor here - otherwise it's a tenner, which is still a bargain if you ask me.  Moving on from the sales pitch however, I thought I'd give you a fine selection of mixes from our future guests, a few of them were even 'mix of the day' on RA (if that kind thing does it for you).

Eric has a couple from the esteemed mnmlssgs series that are seriously worth checking out, plus, of course, the mix he recorded for us this time last year (where did it all go?), if you're new to Eric, fuck, even fi you're not, then seriously get these (back)on your iPod and get dancing.  Eric is one serious selector and something that we pride ourselves on is only booking guys who have top credentials on the decks - we don't give a fuck for how many sales you or your label has on beatport, so do one.

Over to John, we've got a sweet selection of his mixes from a pretty lowkey space in Berlin, called Panorama Bar - you might have heard of it.  Well, if he's spinning here then you know he has skillz, so please get listening and make sure you're down on the 9th as these are 2 of the best house/techno selectors around right now.

The party at Chambre69 is free entry before 10, but if you're daft for a party or a serious head then we'll see you down at The Old Hairdressers from 5pm.  £10 on the door, £5 advance.

Eric Cloutier mnmlssg mix 22
Eric Cloutier mnmlssgmix 44
Eric Cloutier Wax Works 01

Don't stop at these 3 though, every single mix from him is worth having on your iPod.  He Knows.

John Osborn @ Panorama Bar
John Osborn B2B w/ SCB @ Panorama Bar
John Osborn Get The Curse 162

Again, there's plenty more where these came from.

Enjoy the music, and we shall see you on the 9th for a party.

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