Saturday, 26 March 2011


Don't want to overload you all with mixes, but this is one is worth it.

It's recorded by a DJ named Ciaran Hansen, he resides in Newcastle and frequently spins at the Detached parties in Leeds. Ciaran has a great selection of records and if you are a fan of DJs like Eli Verveine, Jane Fitz & Jus-Ed then this will be right up your street.

I first listened to the mix about 2 weeks ago when Ciaran sent it to me on Facebook, since then I have played it countless times and it gets better with every listen. Whether you are just up and going to work, wanting some good tunes before heading out or are in the zone at the after party, this mix works. It has a very deeep vibe, but plenty of groove, the highlight for me being Lazy Fat People - Club Silencio, which plays at around the hour mark.

Ciaran Hansen - RG4

There is no tracklist for the mix but if you put a comment on Ciaran's Soundcloud then he will sort you out with and ID.


* I think it's worth adding that I talk regularly with Ciaran and I would call him a friend, but this mix is here purely on merit and not because of my friendship with the DJ.

I think that electronic music really suffers with the circle-jerkin in the scene, as pointed out numerous times by the ssgs. A great example is that FACT magazine gave 'Blackest Ever Black' a massive push, and helped create lots of hype, but they didn't mention that the vice president(I think) had a major role in the label. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I will always try to keep this blog free of bias and my opinion will always be an honest one.

This is a fantastic article that explains what I'm talking about far better than I ever could, please check it out.

The Climate Of Electronic Music


  1. Hey Wax Works - thanks for the link, going to check this mix out.

    "I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I will always try to keep this blog free of bias and my opinion will always be an honest one."

    That's why I read stuff like this!


  2. Downloading this mix (ready for the subway ride tomorrow) gives me the occasion to congratulate you for your blog and the magnifiscent tracks i discovered through it. Added to this, there's a feel of honesty and true dedication / love to the music in your (wise) words.

    Best from Paris

  3. I appreciate both of these comments a lot, it's people like you that I write for.

    I hope you enjoy the mix, and I'm glad that we are a source of good music for you!

    All the best